In my colorful childhood

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In my colorful childhood

Postprzez ylq » 15 maja 2020, o 03:56

In my colorful childhood, there were many legendary things. She gave me infinite pride and endless aftertaste. Of course, there are some unforgettable and touching. Especially that time-I was in a very good mood that day because I was going to be the guest of my best friend Zhuang Lin in my life. "Ding Dong" Zhuang Lin saw me coming, the smile on his face was as bright as the sun. As soon as she entered her house, the most striking thing was the beautiful vases in her house: light blue coat, pink blue and pink blue flowers Online Cigarettes, a burst of fragrance came, and I was amazed! "Come, you sit down first, what do you want to drink, orange juice or lemon juice?" She entertained enthusiastically. "Lemon juice." "OK, deliver it immediately!" Although I sat down, the back of the vase kept appearing in front of my eyes. Finally, I resisted the ��temptation�� of the subsidy again, and couldn't help but stood up. When I came to the vase, my hand fell on the vase. I exclaimed: ��Wow! Really fragrant!�� My eyes slowly closed I seemed to be intoxicated by the sea of ??flowers Marlboro Lights. Suddenly, my hand panicked, and the next scene of "Pounding" was simply unbearable: a vase fell on it and shattered. I was stunned, so anxious as the ants on the hot pot swarmed! Zhuang Lin heard the sound, and seemed to be shocked by the scene in front of her, shouting: "What's going on? Zhuang Lin's face changed from sunny to cloudy. I have never seen such a woman. Zhuang Lin continued to shout. : "How come the vase is broken?" What is the reason, just say anything, what are you afraid of, say, why ... "I quickly apologized and said in a huff:" I ... I ... I don't know what happened, I just think the vase is very Beautiful, but I accidentally panicked ... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was definitely not intentional, you have to believe me, you have to believe me ... I ... I ... "As I said, my voice grew The lighter it finally became, weeping. Zhuang Lin saw me crying and patted my shoulder, comforting softly: "Sorry, I was too excited in front, and I shouldn't lose your temper. If the vase is broken, you can buy it again, but what you have to remember is that the friendship between us will never change and will never break. Do n��t cry, and wipe away your tears. "Zhuang Lin!" "I was so moved that I fell into her arms and wept loudly. Through this matter I understood: The friendship between me and Zhuang Lin is sincere, sincere, and true. I need help most. She will extend the hand of friendship without hesitation; when I am frustrated, she will comfort me and regain my confidence. In life, there can be no air, no sunshine, no friends, no Zhuang Lin. At this moment I just want to say to her: "Although we are not in a middle school, but I want to tell you, use your pen and your heart to pursue the colorful brilliance, I will applaud and cheer for you. Thank you for letting me know the most precious thing in the world Newport Cigarettes Coupons, not pearls and gemstones, not your personal reputation, not money, but a drop of water in your most difficult times, a little care when you need help most, and people If the true love between one person and one is hard to buy and one thousand dollars is hard to find, if a deadline must be set for this friendship, then, I hope it is-ten thousand years!
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Re: In my colorful childhood

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That’s not very interesting, this is a game :oops:
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