thrown away by me. At the time, I w

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thrown away by me. At the time, I w

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Mother, like a wall Cigarettes For Sale, covering the wind and rain, blocking the scorching sun, so that our little saplings without wind and rain can thrive; mother, like a kind mother bird, caresses us young with loving hands every day The feathers of the chicks encourage us to fight the sky. My mother is also like a wall, like a mother bird who takes care of me and encourages me. I am particularly grateful that my mother often guides and encourages the lost me, so that the profound truth takes root in my heart. She is My first teacher. Remember clearly that it was a few years ago. In an exam, I actually scored 86 points. After school, the students all went home happily, but I slowly sorted out the schoolbag, and the "Jin Doudou" whirled around in my eyes. I dragged my tired body and took heavy steps, moving home step by step. Compared to the past, the schoolbag seemed to be much heavier. The birds on the tree were chirping and seemed to laugh at me; the pedestrians on the road seemed to be looking at me with contempt, giving out a trace of imperceptible sneer; my mother was teaching me to review my lessons at midnight The figure is full of the teacher's expectant gaze, full of sarcasm and ridicule from the classmates ... everything makes me complacent Carton Of Cigarettes. When I finally got home, my mother saw me looking down, and she understood everything. She comforted me softly and told me how to see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain. Then, my mother also helped me analyze the problem and tell me the solution. Under the guidance of my mother, I finally understood the root cause of the loss and my mother smiled comfortably. what! The mother selflessly dedicate love to us so that we can thrive. Come, let us all be grateful to our mother and do something for her, even if just washing her feet, wiping the table and chairs, I believe that these trivial actions will certainly soothe the tired heart of my mother. I remember when I was young, I was very self-willed, and my things could not be given or taken away by others without my consent. One day, I came home from school and saw my cousin crying. My mother coaxed her sister with a plush bear that was about to be thrown away by me. At the time, I was very angry because my mother took my things without my consent. I quickly ran over and threw the plush bear hard on the ground. My mother did not comfort me as usual. After my cousin left, my mother severely criticized me. It made me know how to be tolerant and loving. It is my mother who often sounds the alarm in my ears; it is always my mother who teaches me to be honest, trustworthy, and courageous; it is still my mother who always guides me to learn! Maternal love is deep, maternal love is delicate, and maternal love is also selfless and great. I need to experience and feel with my heart to be eligible to receive this love Marlboro Lights, this priceless love. And this year's Mother's Day reminds me of what a philosopher said: Mother is an unread book. Yes! The love my mother gave me will never forget me, and I will never forget it in my life
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