am not very comfortable

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am not very comfortable

Postprzez ylq » 9 maja 2020, o 03:27

Mom, I am not very comfortable today. "I covered my stomach and frowned, said to my mother. My mother was both anxious and helpless, and said," I can't get away today, go to the health hospital yourself! " "I put on a big yellow cotton-padded jacket and was about to go out. I suddenly thought that I hadn't been to the hospital alone. I said to my mother," Mom, I don't even know what to do when I get to the hospital? " "My mother wrote me a note and handed me the words:" Follow the note. "I took the note and put it in my pocket and ran towards the hospital. The health hospital arrived soon. I pushed the door open and walked into the outpatient hall, and found that the hospital was really big! The lights inside were bright, spacious and bright. A pot of iron trees, it looks so spiritual. Directly opposite is a clean corridor with two windows on both sides. On the left are registered windows and toll windows, on the right are price windows and medicine grab windows. I looked at the note and wrote only Looking at internal medicine, I did not write whether to register first or to mark the price first Wholesale Cigarettes. I am in a hurry, what should I do? What should I do? I walked around by the iron tree and thought: If I knew this, I should call and ask my father to come back to see me. After a while, I saw a little girl talking to a doctor. I thought: Can I ask the doctor too? So I dared to ask the doctor: "Excuse me, please ask me to see the child catch a cold Parliament Cigarettes, What should I do first? The doctor smiled and said: "You go to the registration window to register Cheap Cigarettes, get your registered book and write your name, and give it to the aunt in front of the children's clinic. When she reads your name, you can go in and see "I heard it, thanked the doctor, and went in line to register. After a while, I registered the number, I found the children's clinic, handed the list to the aunt, and waited for her to call me by name. Soon, a little girl came out of the children's cold department, and then the aunt called: "Li Xin." I listened in and hurried in, fearing that someone would take my seat. As soon as I sat at the doctor's table, the doctor started to ask me: "Children, how old are you?" I said anxiously: "11 years old." "Where is not comfortable?" The doctor asked again. I pointed to my stomach and said, "The stomach hurts." The doctor then used a stethoscope to help me auscultate. The cold stethoscope was placed on my stomach, and my heart thumped. The doctor smiled and said, "It's okay, your stomach is cold, just give you some medicine. But you need to cover your quilt at night." I listened, and walked toward the price window. "Children, 15 yuan." The nurse said to me enthusiastically. I took out 20 yuan from my pocket and handed it to the nurse, "Come on, 5 yuan and medicine, let's go!" The nurse told me enthusiastically that I took the medicine home and my mother came back and I gave her Talking about what happened to me in the hospital, my mother said, "Really!" I smiled happily, thinking: It turns out that seeing a doctor is so simple!
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