I have walked along

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I have walked along

Postprzez ylq » 22 kwi 2020, o 08:24

I have walked along this wall many times, but I have never seen this door. There was only one slit in this door. I slowly opened the door. It was dark and frightening, but in the end I was overwhelmed by curiosity and I walked in. I seem to be worse than blind. I don't have a walking stick. I can't see anything. It's too dark. Oh no! I fell into a mile, "Ah ..." I fell into the abyss. "Bang!" I fell on a pile of soft slumps. This is a super cute room, full of teddy bears, and many cute little bears painted on the walls. Suddenly, the door opened, and it was actually a teddy bear, and I immediately fainted. When I woke up, two old "Indian teddy bears" were about to cast a spell on me, and I screamed. The old teddy bear said: "You survived without being cast, God Bear! But you look too funny, too?" "I am ... a teddy bear? How is that possible. I am a person, a little girl!" I seemed embarrassed and question mark. "I don't care, go to the first picnic in your life!" Said the old teddy bear. In fact, I have had picnics dozens of times, but I am too lazy to waste slobber with him. I was taken to the open ground, and the open ground is full of teddy bears. They are all "live", which is really an incredible world of teddy bears. A pretty bear with a pink bow on her head and a cute childish pink lace dress came towards me Newport Cigarettes Coupons. She said her name was Candy. Bear (Caddy Bell) is the little princess in this teddy bear world. There is no little princess that boys don't like. At first she felt that she was too narcissistic, playing with her and eating together, I really felt that she had an irresistible charm and a very polite and feminine flavor. Time flies fast, Candy. Bear is going back, and other toy bears are coming home, but what should I do? I finally couldn't help it, and burst into tears. Candy. Bear walked back and said, "There is a weird elder in the palace. He knows everything, maybe he can help you." So I entered the elder's room with Princess Candy. It is full of weird atmosphere. The elder had n��t seen it yet. A huge piece of paper really stopped our way. The paper actually made a noise: "The elder is eating two kinds of fruit: one called sheep on a meadow Marlboro Gold, and one called wolf. , Excuse me, what are the elders eating? "Princess Candy said that the first grass will be gone Marlboro Lights, and the second is the sheep will be eaten. I suddenly realized that "it is strawberry (grass) and bayberry (yangyang)!" At this time the elder appeared, "because both questions are correct, so I tell you the way home. Take the golden road, open the silver gate, go Copper ladders, pulling iron cables, crossing wooden bridges, you can go home. "Oh my god! This is too complicated, but just go home. Princess Candy took my hand, reluctantly, "I will come to see you!" I rushed home and found "Princess Candy" lying on the bed, still so beautiful, so ladylike, just she couldn't talk, nor Will move. Mom rushed up from behind, "Honey !! Happy birthday! This is your gift, are you happy? After that, I walked along this wall many times, but I never saw a door on the wall again. Too.
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