is that people don't care about you and you

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is that people don't care about you and you

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Does your rent get raised every time you breathe in your Mobile Home Park?

When you live in a mobile home park the rent gets raised and raised and raised.

In my park the rent gets raised a good chunk every year. I live in a Senior Park. Most people that live here are on fixed incomes and can't afford rent hikes.

It's not just the senior parks that are being squeezed by rent increases but the family parks as well. Many young couples raising families are feeling this pinch just as strongly. Young couples have many more monthly expenses and more mouths to feed.

What do you do when all your money and all your possessions are tied up in your mobile home.


(1) Sell your mobile home and move.

(2) Abandon your mobile home and move.

(3) If you move and leave your mobile home Wholesale Zach Werenski Jersey , you are still responsible for the rent space.

This is why so many of the mobile homes are now being abandoned. Around my park there are many for sale signs in the windows.


It doesn't seem that anybody cares. We stand alone.

The Mobile Home Park owners keep squeezing the life out of us with rent hikes and there is nobody to stop them.

In most parks the owners can raise the rent anytime they want any amount they want.


I for one love my Mobile Home and Mobile Home Park. I would like to continue living here for many years. But if the rent keeps soaring, I might have to re-think my options.

Do you think it is fair to force people out of their homes; consequently, they lose all their money?

This issue and many other issues about mobile home living is now before the State Legislature.

If you live in a Mobile Home, I hope you receive monthly the Compact Chronicle. It is the way we can stay connected and receive the information we need to fight back.

All Mobile Home Owners need to become more involved in the problems of Mobile Home Owners and the problems in the Parks.

We Must All Unite Wholesale Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey , we can do this with The Compact Chronicle. It is our responsibility as Mobile Home Owners to stand behind The Compact Chronicle.

If you do not have a Home Owners Association in your Mobile Home Park. START ONE!

If my rent space gets unjustly raised because of this article or I get evicted, are you going to stand behind me?

United WE Stand Divided We Fall.

I hope they hear us when we say WE WANT A FREEZE ON OUR RENT!

So Once Again, I say to you The State Legislature, the people who represent us Wholesale Artemi Panarin Jersey , WE WANT A FREEZE ON OUR RENT!

I hope you enjoyed my article. I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment on this article.

COPYRIGHT 2006 Linda Meckler

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