you will see stats such as Dofus Kamas AT

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you will see stats such as Dofus Kamas AT

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Looking back in the cards, you will see stats such as buy Kamas Dofus Retro AT (assault ), HP (health issues ) and MP (motion points). HP and AT are for ruining other things, the bread and butter, but MP determines how quickly you travel down the street. With some cards having bonuses as well.There are neutral cards almost any God can use, and God specific cards. You start with three cards into your very first hand and can discard as many as you desire, with the Dofus participant that goes last getting an extra card.

As with any CCG, the RNG can be a Dofus game killer. Just like any CCG you wish to build your own custom deck, although the decks are okay. The deck builder is fantastic for stats on your own deck, such as just how many 2 AP cards you have, etc., it will not hold your hand with building a deck like some other CCG's do. There's obviously an in Dofus game store for purchasing packs of cards. Ranging from 60 Kama to get a package up to 200 Kama for a Gold package each with 5 cards using at least one better or rare depending on the pack purchased. 100 Kama USD.

So you have your cards and are ready to playwith. Time to talk about the tower defense part of Krosmaga. The playing field consists of five lanes with each lane equaling eight spaces. At the conclusion of each lane there's a Dofus . Three are real, two are fakes with each Dofus Kamas having five HP. You win Dofus by destroying two of your opponent's Dofuses. While ruining a fake Dofus lets you spawn a space higher.You summon your heroes along with your own cards and that they go on their merry way towards the end of the lane. It sounds simple, but it might get intense as two Dofus players battle it out with heroes and charms.
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