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Vixea Manplus and if it's too thick, and especially if it has a yellow or greenish tinge, those might be signs of infection or inflammation that needs evaluation. So now, let's get to the sperm test. Now, we talked already about the sperm analysis as being the entryway to figure out how to make things better for men and their partners to achieve pregnancy. Let's break it down into its components because these components will allow me not only to diagnose the problem, but they'll also allow me Manplus to figure out exactly where we need to go to target our therapy to optimize your chances of pregnancy. So we'll start at the top. This is how we read semen analysis. As reproductive specialists, we start with the volume of ejaculate, and that just simply means how much is coming out. We alluded to that just a couple seconds ago, that if a man has very low ejaculate volume, he may not be getting enough fluid into the vagina in order to start that .
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