igh. The golden ligh

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igh. The golden ligh

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The New Year's bell has been ringing, "Ding Dong Ding Dong", joyfully quietly came to this fairy mirror in the world, in this colorful world, we ushered in the Lantern Festival, yes, in the Lantern Festival , "The lantern is the protagonist! Standing in the distance, the string of lanterns is like two colorful long dragons, swimming towards the end of the street, and it is like a colored chain, wrapped around the" Christmas "trees on both sides, making a dazzling Glorious, it seems to illuminate the whole world, it is still like the Milky Way, and we can't see the tail, and we are just the green leaves on the shore, quietly admiring the star stalls shimmering on the river, on both sides of the road, on the street ... �� It was already a crowd of people. I finally squeezed into the crowd and admired the beautiful picture. A little yellow cattle broke into my sight and looked closely. This little calf's lantern is so cute, blue wool-like Hair, two dark eyes seemed to be spinning, and the lovely mouth, which was wide open, as if something made it shut her mouth happily. What was more interesting was the pair of horns , Golden, like golden morning glory, Stopping and spinning makes people feel relaxed and happy. In addition to the calf lantern, the other lanterns are not bad, and they are all fighting for each other. Look! That little mouse lantern, with a golden ribbon on his chest, grinning, cheering Our arrival. Long ears, red eyes, white fluff, this one reminds us of the little white rabbits, with two big teeth exposed in front of them, and the ears are straight and straight, as if they are thinking about what . The Facebook lamp is not behind, holding a long ribbon, fluttering in the wind, as if it appeared in front of my eyes, half face black, half face white, so that I did n��t feel refreshed at once. It ��s still a star light. It ��s golden and dazzling, with strange lights flashing from time to time. It ca n��t help reminding me of the five-star red flag. It always maintains its true color [url=smokingusacigarettes.com]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. The same is true in the night sky. It always stands by the moon, Although it ��s not as bright as the moon, it ��s pure to give your hometown a score. It ��s pure. It calls friends and illuminates the world together. The stars give the moon a more brilliant color. For a Lantern Festival in Zhenhai, it ��s not only A sea of ??lights, and a sea of ??individuals, countless lights and countless people gathered together to form lights and crowds with strange scenery. This also does not mark the development of our Zhenhai economy and attracting many tourists. We are in Enjoy in the sea of ??lights. I am completely immersed in the sea of ??lights. Gradually, there is drizzle in the world, the wind is blowing gently, and my heart floats with the wind to the beautiful castle. Lantern Festival composition 800 words The Lantern Festival is the first full moon day of every year. According to traditional Chinese customs, Tang Yuan is an indispensable role for the Lantern Festival! Making Tang Yuan is easy: first grab a noodle, rub the round, and then use your thumb to push it out A nest like a bowl, this nest is like a home. Sesame can sleep comfortably in it! Then close the door and a rice ball will be OK! Then, they will have a "close contact" with the water. Tangyuan lined up one by one and jumped into the "pool". At the beginning, they were pretty good, squatted to rest at the bottom of the pot. After a while, they couldn't hold back, and started them in the happy "wave" Of "water Ballet. " That trick is pretty standard! The water temperature was getting higher and higher, and the dumplings were panicking and protruding their heads, breathing, and then they were out of the pot. As soon as Tang Yuan came up, I couldn't wait to take a bite, it was so hot! I took another bite, ah! The aroma of sesame, the sweetness of sugar, and the stickiness of dumplings are so wonderful! When you chew, the sweetness becomes stronger and stronger, all filled in your mouth. They are like lively and cute little elves, floating around, touching my taste buds and making my appetite wide open. I ate a lot of gobble, completely intoxicated by the sweetness. After dinner, the night is coming, our family came to the dam ecstatically, the dam is full of people! The dazzling lights dazzled my eyes. In some trees, there are colorful crystal strips wrapped around the trunk. People wear horn lights, colorful lights hanging on their necks, and colorful lights in their hands. The colored lights illuminate the dark dam. The dam was full of excitement, and the sound of artillery bursts one after another. The blooming fireworks rose into the air, wow! What a beautiful night sky! I saw the deep blue sky covered with colorful fireworks, colorful fireworks, fireworks that opened www.99zuowen.com, like fairy scattered flowers, like colorful balls, like snowflakes, like dragging ribbons The meteor lights up the dark night and makes the Lantern Night bright and colorful. I was simply fascinated by the enchanting scenery. The deep blue night sky was full of countless Kong Ming lanterns. With curiosity, I flew a brightest Kongming lamp. Make the best wishes. Let's fly together, sky lanterns, let people's hopes and dreams, bring light and good luck! Kong Mingdeng is like thousands of golden yellow stars, flying higher and higher with my wish. I looked up at the sky, looked at Kong Mingdeng, and looked at the moon. How full and full the moon is! A golden moon has been hung high in the sky, and a bright moonlight has been sprinkled underground, as gentle as a gauze. The sky is very light, the wind is very light, and the moon is beautiful [url=salesmoking.com]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], forming a painting. I had a sweet and sweet Lantern Festival. I walked to tomorrow with good wishes. The Lantern Festival will be composed of 800 words on the 15th day of the first month to eat the Lantern Festival. "Yuan Lan" is a food that has a long history in China. In the Song Dynasty, a novel food popular in the Lantern Festival was popular among the people. This kind of food was first called "Fu Yuanzi" and later called "Yuanxiao". The businessman also called it "Yuanbao". Lantern Festival is "tangyuan" filled with sugar, rose, sesame, bean paste, laurel, walnut, nuts, jujube, etc., wrapped in glutinous rice flour into a round shape, which can be meat and vegetable, with different flavors. It can be boiled, fried, and steamed for a happy reunion. The rice balls in Shaanxi are not wrapped, but are "rolled" in glutinous rice noodles, or boiled or fried, heated, and reunited during the reign of Emperor Yongming of the Ming and Ming Dynasties (58-75 AD), because Emperor Ming Ming advocated Dharma Since then, the custom of lighting lanterns on the Lantern Festival has been spread to the people from the original only held in the palace. That is, every fifteenth day of the first lunar month, no matter the gentry or the common people should hang lights [url=vipusacigarettes.com]Cigarettes Online[/url], the city and the countryside are full of lights all night. The custom of lighting lanterns on the Lantern Festival developed into an unprecedented lantern market in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, Chang'an, the capital of Beijing, was already the world's largest city with a population of one million, and its society was rich. Under the personal advocacy of the emperor, the Lantern Festival is getting more and more luxurious. Since the Middle Tang Dynasty, it has developed into a national carnival. During the prosperous period of the Yuan Dynasty in the period of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty (685-762 AD), the lamp market in Chang'an was very large, burning 50,000 lamps and various patterns of lanterns. The emperor ordered people to make giant lamp towers, with up to 20 rooms and 150 feet high. The golden light is brilliant and extremely spectacular. In the Song Dynasty, the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival outperformed the Tang Dynasty in both size and fantasy, and the activities were more folk and national features stronger. In the future, the Lantern Festival will continue to develop, and the Lantern Festival will be longer and longer. The Lantern Festival in the Tang Dynasty was "one day before and after the Shangyuan", the Song Dynasty added two days after the sixteenth, and the Ming Dynasty was extended to ten days from the eighth to the eighth. In the Qing Dynasty, when the Manchus ruled the Central Plains, the palace no longer held lantern festivals, but the folk lantern festivals were still spectacular. The date has been shortened to five days, and it continues until today. The Lantern Festival is also a romantic festival. The Lantern Festival in feudal traditional society also provides an opportunity for unmarried men and women to meet. Young girls in traditional society are not allowed to go out for free activities, but the holiday However, they can go out to play together. The Lantern Festival lantern viewing is just an opportunity for friendship. Unmarried men and women can also find objects for themselves by the way. During the Lantern Festival, it is time for young men and women to meet their lovers.
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