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The little white goose

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The little white goose lived in the beautiful Xiuhu Park carefree for a period of time, and always felt that life was too monotonous, and that he had grown up, and he should go out and break out. An Excalibur set off. The sword of the Excalibur is inlaid with seven shining gems, and the blades emit a burst of cold light. It is a very magical little white goose walking and admiring the beautiful scenery on the road. Now, other places have become beautiful. Unconsciously, it was already noon, and the stomach began to growl. There is a large forest on the roadside, under the lush trees is a large piece of grass, like a big carpet, light green, tender and baby-like face, little white geese see so much delicious, can't wait to run over I ate it with relish, and the little white goose completely forgot the dangers it had experienced before. I only remember the good days of living in Xiuhu Park. Do n��t be afraid of anything there. Animals and humans are very friendly to him. Good food for him. When the little white goose was eating Zhenghuan Online Cigarettes, a big grey wolf came quietly from behind, looking at the white and fat little white goose, looking droolingly. When he was about to pounce, he was fortunately discovered Then, the little white goose quickly pulled out the Excalibur and pressed a gem on the handle. I saw that the Excalibur immediately became a shotgun and aimed at the big bad wolf. When the big bad wolf saw the shotgun, his face was white , Had to run away in vain. The next day, the little white geese continued to break through the rivers and lakes and came to the south Parliament Cigarettes, where it was pouring downpour. The little white goose saw that a puppy on the road was almost hungry and could not speak. The little white goose took out the Excalibur and pressed another gem. I saw a dozen pieces of delicious meat and bones on the ground. The puppies slowly ate a little before slowing down. It turned out that the rain like today has been raining for many days, flooding everywhere, collapsed houses everywhere, and people crying and crying. Without clean water or food, everyone can't stand being hungry. The little white goose quickly took the Excalibur and pressed the jewel towards the sky. The rain stopped immediately, and the sun came out. The little white geese have made a lot of delicious food for people to overcome the difficulties, and also participated in disaster relief activities with puppies. The little white goose took the puppy and set off again. Zhengxing was walking aggressively, a tiger blocked the way, and the dog immediately blocked in front of the little white goose when he saw it, ready to fight with the tiger at any time. I saw the little white goose withdrawing the Excalibur without any haste, and pressed the gem of the Excalibur with his hand Marlboro Lights. The tiger fired for a while. The tiger was scared and frightened. Fortunately, the tiger ran fast. There was no injury. The little white goose has been trained for seven, seventy-nine days. Partner, live a carefree life together.
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